Learning & Teaching

This page will enable us to display the academy's curriculum, class information, and extra curricular activities.
Teaching and Learning
We know that people learn in many different ways, and respond best to different
types of input (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic); we must therefore deliver teaching
in different ways to address the needs of all our learners. We take into account the
different forms of intelligence (for example, mathematical/logical, visual/spatial,
interpersonal, and musical) when planning our teaching.

We ensure the best possible environment for learning by developing a positive
atmosphere where pupils feel safe and feel they belong, where they enjoy being
challenged, but where they enjoy learning, and feel confident to succeed.
We encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning, to be
Involved, as far as possible in reviewing the way they learn, and to reflect on how
they learn – what helps them learn, and what makes it difficult for them to learn. It
is our children who have helped to form the curriculum and our planning is informed
by their ideas and their interests.

When we are teaching we focus on motivating all the children, and building on their
skills, knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, so that they reach the highest
level of personal achievement. We use the school curriculum plan to guide our
teaching. This sets out the aims, objectives and values of the school, and details what
is to be taught to each year group.

Teachers make ongoing assessments of each child’s progress, and they use this
information when planning their lessons. It enables them to take into account the
abilities of all their children. Our prime focus is to develop further the knowledge and
skills of all our children. We strive to ensure that all tasks set are appropriate to each
child’s level of ability and that every child achieves their full potential.